Past Auctions

Season Ending Auction in the Warehouse

  •   Sep 26 @ 2:00pm PDT (Start)
  •   Oct 1 @ 6:00pm PDT (End)
Last Auction in the Warehouse for the 2020 Season, get those last items in and make some extra cash. Or we can come to you and do a onsite Estate Auction (online or Live).

Beginning of Fall Auction

  •   Sep 12 @ 2:00pm PDT (Start)
  •   Sep 17 @ 6:00pm PDT (End)
Summer is nearing the End and it is time to make room for the Winter Season, we can help and put Cash into your pocket. If you have a few Items or a whole Estate. Let us Help.

End of Summer Auction

  •   Aug 29 @ 2:00pm PDT (Start)
  •   Sep 3 @ 6:00pm PDT (End)
Have a Few Items to sell the Whole Estate, 7bAuction can help. Consignments Welcome.

Back to School Auction

  •   Aug 15 @ 2:00pm PDT (Start)
  •   Aug 20 @ 6:00pm PDT (End)
Dealing with a Estate or with a Avalanche of Items, we can help to turn them into Cash. No matter if you have a Few Items or the whole estate, 7bAuction is here to help.

Turn up the Heat Auction

  •   Aug 1 @ 2:00pm PDT (Start)
  •   Aug 6 @ 6:00pm PDT (End)
Clear out the Garage, house, shed, Home the next winter is coming quickly. Consignments Accepted

Summer Auction

  •   Jul 18 @ 2:00pm PDT (Start)
  •   Jul 23 @ 6:00pm PDT (End)
Hope you are having a great Summer. We are still accepting Consignments, a few Items or the Whole Estate.

Independence Day Auction

  •   Jul 4 @ 2:00pm PDT (Start)
  •   Jul 9 @ 6:00pm PDT (End)
CELEBRATE 240+ Years Consignments Welcome.

Summer Start Auction

  •   Jun 20 @ 2:00pm PDT (Start)
  •   Jun 25 @ 6:00pm PDT (End)
Need to sell a few Items or a whole Estate, we can HELP. Consignments Welcome.

Silver, Antique & more Auction

  •   Jun 6 @ 2:00pm PDT (Start)
  •   Jun 11 @ 7:00pm PDT (End)
This Auction is packed with Coins, Silver, Antiques, Kayak, Canoe, even a Motorcycle and much more. Come check it out.

Memorial Day Auction

  •   May 23 @ 2:00pm PDT (Start)
  •   May 28 @ 6:00pm PDT (End)
Memorial Day is here and the Summer is right around the Corner. This one is Packed with Car, Kayak, Canoe, Rafts, Furniture, lots of Vintage/Antique Items and so much more. Everything being sold to the Highest Bidder and starting at $3.  If you need help with making room, dealing with a Estate, Collection, business liquidation, Firearms, Coins, Collections and so much more. Need Cash fast, we can offer Cash on the Spot or Consign with us. With 20+ Years Experience we can help.

Kick Off Auction of 2020

  •   May 9 @ 2:00pm PDT (Start)
  •   May 14 @ 6:00pm PDT (End)
We hope you all are safe and sound with COVID-19 having effected all our Lives. Was your Winter Season great and you are ready for a great Idaho Summer.  As always you can Bid in the Safety and comfort of your own Home,  with  everything starting at $3.  So get ready to hunt those great deals.  Due to the COVID-19, there will be no preview (if you have a question send a message). Due to the COVID-19, Consignments Accepted by appointment only. 

Winter Holiday Auction

  •   Nov 16 @ 2:00pm PST (Start)
  •   Nov 21 @ 6:00pm PST (End)
Over 700 Items, plenty of Firearms, Furniture for the Holidays and much more.  We are clearing everything out and getting ready for the Next Phase.  Stay Tuned 

General Mercandise Auction

  •   Nov 2 @ 2:00pm PDT (Start)
  •   Nov 7 @ 6:00pm PST (End)
Winter is coming, ......  How about some Snowmobiles, New Furniture for the Holidays, A Slide In Camper for the Last days of Fall, ...... or so much more.  Everything is going to the Highest Bidder, Good Luck

Scary Big Deal Auction

  •   Oct 19 @ 2:00pm PDT (Start)
  •   Oct 24 @ 6:00pm PDT (End)
With Halloween right around the corner, we have a scary big Auction for you. Over 1000+ Lots, our biggest Auction to Date.  Packed full with so many great Tools, Bicycles, Firearms, Silver, Coins, Building Supplies, Collectibles, ...... and so .... much more.  Everything starting at $3 and only 3 Items with extremely low Reserve.  Good Luck. 

Antique & Collectibles Auction

  •   Sep 28 @ 2:00pm PDT (Start)
  •   Oct 3 @ 6:00pm PDT (End)
This one is packed with lots of Treasures. Including:  Heywood Furniture, Stickley Furniture, Lots of great Pottery (Weller, Hampshire, Jugtown, Rookwood, ....), Firearms, Lots of Ammo, Reloading dies, Great Art and some many unique and hard to find Items.  Best of all are being sold to the Highest Bidder, with all bidding starting at $3.  ​​​​​​​Good Luck 

Upcoming Auctions